Coach Kaylon Sencio

Team Precision Wrestling

Coach Kaylon is a transplant from Texas where he has accomplished many wrestling honors. An alumnus of St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas, Kaylon was part of a winning team that boasts 3 consecutive state championships (2010-2012) and a top 15 ranking in the nation (2012). Kaylon, himself, was a state qualifier both 11th and 12th grade, winning state his senior year. Though Kaylon started wrestling in 9th grade, he quickly improved with notable high school coaches: 1996 Cuban Olympian Alberto Rodriguez, Iranian World Team Member Bobak Nourzad, three NCAA Division 1 and one NCAA Division 2 wrestlers.

With his amazing improvement and high school wrestling achievements, Coach Kaylon attended Arizona State University, competing for 4 years at the NCAA Division 1 level. Coach Kaylon walked-on to the wrestling team but was rewarded an athletic scholarship after demonstrating the highest quality work ethic. He worked with top ranked college coaches including Zeke Jones, Lee Pritts, Chris Pendleton, Jordan Oliver and strength coach Rich Wenner. As a student, Kaylon completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Cum Laude and a Master of Science degree in Animal Behavior Summa Cum Laude. He was one of only five student athletes to complete a Master’s degree while competing and was the only athlete to ever graduate with a thesis-based Master’s program while competing.

With Coach Kaylon’s past accolades and passion for wrestling, he wants to help others improve and become the best well-rounded athletes possible. He understands the challenges of being a multi-sport athlete, balancing wrestling, cross-country, and track in high school. With many of our youth in multiple sports, Kaylon recognizes the importance of year round training to meet one’s goals and wants to provide that opportunity by utilizing the sport of wrestling, strength, and agility training.

He gives back to the wrestling community by volunteering as an assistant coach with his younger brother’s team at Doherty High School. He recognizes the importance of building a solid foundation in body movement and athleticism with his volunteer coaching experience with Sunkist Wrestling Club (2013-2017) and Paradigm Training Center (2011-2013). There, Kaylon had the opportunity to work with children ages 4-18 in a group setting and as a private one-on-one coach. When in town, Coach Kaylon is often asked to help coach classes at Paradigm Training Center, where he holds the honor of being in the facility’s Hall of Fame. In addition, Kaylon was an assistant coach at his Alma Mater, St. Thomas High School, in 2012.

Coach Kaylon truly believes every person has the potential to become elite athletes. With a positive attitude and work ethic, one can reach their goals step by step, as he did during his career. Coach Kaylon’s vast knowledge base, extensive training, and coaching experience all compliment his goal setting and step-wise improvement strategies employed during practices. We are excited to welcome Coach Kaylon to our Precision Fitness Training Center.