Team Precision Wrestling

Coach Kaylon truly believes every person has the potential to become elite athletes. With a positive attitude and work ethic, one can reach their goals step by step, as he did during his career. Coach Kaylon’s vast knowledge base, extensive training, and coaching experience all compliment his goal setting and step-wise improvement strategies employed during practices. We are excited to welcome Coach Kaylon to our Precision Fitness Training Center.

As part of training and Precision Fitness philosophy, we believe that small groups afford all athletes quality training. Training groups will not be over 8 athletes and each athlete will have their own individual training regimen and portfolios. We believe all of our athletes should have individual goals, an important part within the mental nature of athletics. Recognize improvement and assessing training strategies help our athletes developed a well-rounded approach to improving performance through mind, body, and spirit. Every athlete will have the opportunity to define goals and monitor them individually. Small groups allow the opportunity to discuss any needs or challenges with coaches and trainers. We believe in quality over quantity and will continually add or adjust groups accordingly.


Class Schedule:

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Thursday 7:15 pm

Friday 7:00 pm

Saturday 2:00 pm



Competitor Program and Training:

For the year round wrestler who wants to stay competitive and strong, you have the option of attending up to 4 sessions per week (1 1/4 hour sessions) for a monthly fee of $100/mo. With this cost and attending all 16 sessions per month, you are getting an hourly rate of training at a $5.00 value.

– Designed for wrestlers seeking offseason freestyle and greco-roman competition
-wrestling-specific weight lifting, conditioning, and body movement
-Local, state, regional qualifiers, and national tournaments (Fargo Nationals)
-Great for college wrestling preparation

This package includes:

-wrestling technique and live
-development of body movement essential to athleticism
-weight lifting, olympic weights
-conditioning programs specific to a sport
-healthy weight maintenance for wrestling
-diet strategies
-competition video review
-goal setting and competitor mindset

Multi-Sport Athlete Program:

For athletes who participate in other sports, for $60.00 monthly fee, you can attend 2 one hour sessions a week which include these elements for success:

-Designed for the development and maintenance of athleticism and body movement
-Unique to the athletes’ personal goals
-Gymnastics movement, range-of-motion and flexibility, dynamic stretching and weight lifting
-Beneficial for every athlete; multi-sport wrestlers can include wrestling technique as well

Private One-on-One Classes:

Individual sessions are $30.00 an hour.

-Seeking specific help on a move? Need extra practice time? Schedule a time with Coach Kaylon and bring a partner for a focused training session.

Discounts given for cash payments or multi family participants. 

Contact Coach Kaylon at (713) 870-3726 with any questions or to set up your program.

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