Program Details

At the heart of any good training program is a comprehensive and personliazed fitness plan designed to correct movement patterns, prevent injuries, increase muscle and reduce body fat. At Precision Fitness the Fitness Blue Print is your step by step road map that guarantees results.


The Fitness Blue Print is included with all of our training programs and it includes:

1. A 7 Component Movement screen that identifies your strengths and your weaknesses.

2. A corrective and injury prevention exercise plan based on your Movement Screen results.

3. A comprehensive 16 week program with the exact exercises, sets, and reps that will be used to help you reach your specific goals in minimal time.

4. A basic nutritional plan that propels you to amazing results by identifying and creating the healthy eating habits needed to create lifelong changes.

5. A sense of peace knowing your program isn’t haphazardly put together at the spur of the moment. Instead it’s designed by some one with over 20 years of experience and it’s personalized for you.


Once your Precision Fitness Blue Print is created you can then choose the right training path for you.

Here are the different training memberships available at Precision Fitness.


  • Personal Training – Your Fitness Blue Print, a 16 week one to one training program, is designed to connect you with your goals. This training option is recommended for members who are new to strength training or who prefer the individualized approach to training. Our Personal trainers will guide you step by step through each workout making sure every rep counts and that your workout sessions feel like “dynamite”.


  • Partner Training – Create a “dynamic duo” by training with a friend, family member or significant other. Your session will be individualized and adjusted to your current level. Your coach will use the workouts from your Fitness Blue Print as a 16 week guide to progress you in a safe and effective manner. It’s a fun, supportive and extremely effective way to workout.


  • Group Training – Our Vigor group training program is three parts strength and one part conditioning. Learn how to properly tone your muscles, condition your heart and prevent injuries with this exclusive program. Your coach will help you each step of the way during your 45 minute results-focused work out. Our indoor facility and excellent coaching will have you showing off your new body in record time.


  • Precision Nutrition Program – When our members want the best of nutritional coaching to get the most out of their memberships they turn to our Precision Nutrition Program. This program is designed by Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition and is a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle program. Click here for more information.


  • Program Design – A 16 week program can be designed based on your Fitness Blue Print. It takes years to master program design and it’s the game changer that makes an average program great. Imagine what 20 years of program design experience can do to your workout routine. Note – This training option does not include a training sessions.


We also have a “100% Injury Free and Results Guaranteed”.

Our programs are safe and effective, you have our word and our money-back guarantee.



What do I need to do to get started?

Your first step is to schedule your FREE consultation appointment to design your Fitness Blueprint. Click here to schedule.

You can also call us at (719) 640 – 0141 and we can schedule your consultation over the phone.


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