Colorado Springs Personal Training Services

Finally, a fitness program that is not only cutting edge, hands-on and focused for maximum results but you get the knowledge and experience of a Colorado Springs Master Personal Trainer.

Certified Strength and Conditioning  Specialist and Certified Nutritional Coach, Edward Scaduto brings to Colorado Springs the experience, education and results that has made him one of the most sought after personal trainers. He is proud to offer the – Precision Fitness Training Program. A revolutionary fitness and conditioning program designed for men and women of all ages.

The Precision Fitness Training Program is “Fitness Evolved” and uses the latest fat burning and athlete tested training techniques for a potent and life changing end results. This program will put you on the fast track to a leaner, more toned and athletic body. And if you enroll in our Precision Nutrition program – your improvement in health and your rate of fat loss will be greatly accelerated.

The Precision Fitness Training program promises an innovative and effective work out plan with functional and athletic movement at its core. This is a total-body conditioning system, designed for people who expect to be trained smarter than what the typical gym offers in the way of program design, content, service and motivation. Once you join, expect to be “trained like the pros” – with the highest level of professionalism and motivation from advanced trainers who have been trained in the Precision Fitness Training Program methods.

Why Precision Fitness?

At the heart of Precision Fitness is our Fitness Blue print that all members receive. It allows your trainer and coach to effectively design a customized 16 week plan that guarantees your results and satisfaction.

Your program will include a comprehensive approach that will help you improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Fat Burning Capacity
  • Recovery to enhance your results
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Power
  • Movement Potential
  • And much more…


Who benefits from the Precision Fitness method?

  • Colorado Springs residents who are ready to lose weight and melt the fat with strong motivation to change lifestyle habits and put in the sweat equity needed to create long lasting change.
  • Athletes of all ages and skill levels, especially the athletes who compete in the “game of life”.
  • Women of all ages who seek a fitness program that provides rigorous training and discipline, produces noticeable results and sets in motion “strength for every area of their lives.”
  • Professionals who are required to be in top physical condition for their jobs, such as policemen, firefighters, first responders and so forth.

Great news! We are honored to offer a substantial Colorado Springs personal training discount to Police, Firefighters and all Military personnel. Stop in and talk with us for more information.


What you get with every Precision Fitness program:

  • Physical and mental challenge. We inspire and push you to work harder and achieve more – every time you come in. Think incredible trainers, a fresh and innovative workout program, great music and inspiring and motivating role models everywhere you look.
  • Customization. Our Precision Fitness Blue Print provides the step by step road map you need to attain peak condition – safely, and with maximum effectiveness.
  • Workout variety. This is not your average “stare at the TV and trudge on the treadmill” workout! Not even close. Your program will have you constantly progressing at an appropriate pace for your current level of fitness.
  • Camaraderie. Work out with a team of people who are as serious about being in great physical shape just as you are. Pace yourself within the group for constant support and that extra push you need to keep going!
  • Motivation. Receive pointers, tips, techniques and most importantly, the motivation you need when you’re doing conditioning or engaging in other, more concentrated programs.
  • Ongoing supervision and guidance. Trainers are in the gym interacting with you, motivating you, watching your form, correcting, offering positive reinforcement. They’re here to help you connect with your goals. We promise you’ll get to know everyone, have a great time and get amazing results simultaneously!
  • Special discounts when you make a commitment for 3, 6 or 12 months. Talk to us for details.

Members at all levels can expect to receive ongoing professional instruction, direction and motivation, both of which the Precision Fitness team deliver in ample doses.

Precision Fitness is Colorado Springs personal training at it’s best!

Learn more about our Precision Fitness Program here