Precision Strength and Conditioning Class

Colorado Springs Precision Strength and Conditioning Class


This is our primary class designed to improve your strength and conditioning using both conventional (body weight, free weights) and unconventional tools (clubbells, kettlebells, sandbags, TRX, etc.) The focus of each class is to provide you with a fully comprehensive training experience in a safe and effective manner. The small group class offers a supportive community, education and instruction on proper technique and dynamic progressively challenging workouts.

Each session covers mobility, movement, strength work, conditioning and stretching. This class uses a planned progression for movement based athletes and yet it’s still appropriate for anyone interested in moving better and increasing over all function.


1. Prepare – Don’t get caught off guard, be prepared for the unexpected challenges and face them with the confidence knowing you’re physically and mentally prepared.

2. Efficient – If you’re looking for an efficient program that covers all the physical basis you need to operate at a high level then this program is right for you. At 45 minutes in length you’ll get a work out that prevent injuries and improve your over physical quality and resilience all at the same time.

3. Movement based – You’ll increase mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance by training specific movement patterns that are based on how the body was designed to function in the real world not just the weight room.


Class times are:

Monday at 6pm

Wednesday at 6pm

Saturday at 7 am


Please feel free to stop by and check out the class or if you have any questions please call Ed at 719-640-0141