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Integrated Personal Training for Older Adults


Here’s what you get with your Integrated Personal Training Program:

1. Movement training: The majority of our time together will be spent helping you move your body with so that you can experience more strength, flexibility and endurance. The better your movement the better your results from your training.
2. Neurological / Corrective exercises: This type of training introduces a set of different exercises and drills designed to help you over come your weaknesses in movement and help change your relationship with pain, injuries and other musculo-skeletal issues.
3. Nutritional Coaching: Using an excellent online program we help you adjust your eating habits so they help improve your health, establish an ideal body weight that your set and fortify your health for long term health and vitality. 
4. Mindset Training: A part of every movement session is the inclusion of mindset training. This type of training will help you overcome the mental road blocks that prevent you from being successful. I can create the best program specifically for you but if there are hidden mental blocks you won’t get the results your after.


Your investment in the program:

1. Initial Evaluation: $100.00 (One time fee)
2. Per session: $75.00
3. Twice per week: $480.00 per month ($60.00 per session)
4. Three times per week: $660.00 per month ($55.00 per session)


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