Youth Fitness

Whether your child wants to develop long term athleticism or stay active and healthy, Precision Fitness utilizes a developmental model of movement, strength and performance. Either goal will lead to healthier lifestyle and adulthood.

Our Vision: 

Empower youth through love of movement.

Movement Focus: Non-competitive youth build a sound foundation in movement and strength. Create healthy movement with engaging and fun games to challenge children in a safe manner. Through the use of play with ropes, hula hoops, rolling, jumping, running, and crawling etc., we want children to love to move and create opportunities for future participation to future sports or activities.

Long Term Athletic Development

Contrary to popular belief, specialized skill training for youth is counterproductive in developing long term athletic development. Athletes require a solid foundation in movement and strength before specializing in skill. When athletes have a strong foundation it promotes greater skill acquisition at a later time.

It does not matter if your athlete is new or seasoned, our training is designed to help athletes become stronger and to meet their sports specific goals in an individualized manner. All athletes will work on movement and strength in an effort to perform better competition.

Through a mixture of traditional and non traditional training – ropes, kettle bells, rip trainers, TRX, etc. – we address many elements for sports performance which also includes speed and agility.

Key Offerings:

With a background as a Counselor and as an Early Intervention specialist, I am able to work with different personalities and motivation styles. In addition to helping develop strong bodies, I want to instill a strong mind. By teaching your child that success is a result of hard work and effort, my goal is for participants to translate this to all areas of life- school, work and athletics.

What I offer:

  • Sessions are designed to meet the developmental level of your child.
  • Participants will move progressively based on skill.
  • Differentiation will occur in the small groups to ensure your child improves at his or her own pace.
  • The classes are not age dependent but age related, therefore your child will work at his or her own level and move forward while learning that improvement comes from hard work and motivation.

Programs and Prices:
Please contact us to see which program is the best fit to meet your goals.

Regina Shea


IYCA – Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1
IYCA – Certified Speed and Agility Specialist
Muay Thai Fitness Coach
M.A. in Community Counseling (1999) and School Counseling (2004)
Early Intervention Specialist/Developmental Therapist – 14 years
Lacrosse assistant coach & fitness & conditioning coach
Background in Martial Arts: Black Belt Kung Fu, lower belts in TaeKwonDo, Kempo.

Reviews of Precision Youth Fitness, Strength and Conditioning:

It was sincerely amazing how much Ms.Shea, Mr. Ed, and Marina helped me in my journey to get stronger and healthier. My lower back was hurting tremendously from an injury I had received during wrestling season and being an athlete this was a serious set back. I was set about rushing back into my summer practices fairly concerned on how my body would react. Football season was coming up and I could barely walk two steps without having a blinding pain shoot into my lower back. For some time I even thought I had broken or fractured something in my lower back. When I started training with them they gave me a series of stretches that helped my pain tremendously to the point where I could begin to lift weights again and get stronger. I was worried that it would take forever- well past football season- for me to begin to feel better but they reassured me as long as I was dedicated to my health and my recovery I would be able to get back to what I loved sooner. That’s exactly how it was. I’ve honestly never felt stronger and reached a level of flexibility that has opened a new range of moves for me in wrestling. I was honestly blessed to find a place like Precision Fitness and I would recommend to anyone who wants to get stronger or live a healthier more positive life in general.

Aaron Bito
High School Athlete