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How Can Personal Training In Colorado Springs By Precision Fitness Help You Achieve Your Goals?

If you’re looking for personal training in Colorado Springs, Precision Fitness may be the right place for you!


Precision Fitness was created in 2010 with the goal of helping our community move better and live well.

We believe that any one with an interest to improve their health can do it, regardless of their age, size, or experience.

All that’s needed is a little guidance and an intelligent step-by-step approach to training.


At Precision Fitness, movement/fitness isn’t something a person has to qualify for. Its’s something we all must do to live a vibrant life and experience it at the level we want, without limitations.

Exercise also brings us together as a community, as you’ll see in our group classes and even in our personal training sessions where clients greet each other in passing.

We focus on building relationships and helping our clients live a better lifestyle by changing one habit at a time.

Our training programs consists of scientific based movement approach that has helped even the most difficult rehab cases get back on their feet and moving again.


At PF we focus on 5 areas to help you look and feel better. (Sometimes better than you have in a long time.)

  1. Natural Movement
  2. Simple Nutrition
  3. Recovery and Corrective Exercises
  4. Strength and Conditioning
  5. Coaching / Mindset

We’ll help you navigate through the confusion and help you create a lifestyle that incorporates the 5 elements listed above so you can reach your highest levels of performance.


1. Improvement of Movement Skills
2. Increased Strength and Conditioning
3. High Performance Fitness and Health

Weight loss and body composition aren’t goals in our program they are a natural by product from moving well and moving often.

So if you’re ready to look and feel better, put the aches and pains behind you and live your life with out limits make sure to sign up for our complimentary coaching session below.

Come by and join the movement,

Ed Scaduto
Precision Fitness
“Move Well, Live Better”

To find out more about our services, feel free to browse our web-site or use the contact form below. We will get in touch with you right away.