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Finally, a Colorado Springs personal training program designed for the older adult that will put an end to the frustration, clear the confusion and simplify the fitness process so that you can finally enjoy optimal health and vitality!


Hi, I’m Edward Scaduto Movement Specialist and Wellness Coach in Colorado Springs. Here at Precision Fitness we believe that movement is the center of all things related to health, fitness and the human experience. With good movement you’ll get better results from your training sessions with less aches and pain.

That’s why we put your movement first, because once you’re moving well you can feel stronger, look better and do the things you love to do with much more ease.

Whether that is climbing mountain peaks or just playing with your grandchildren there’s no limit to how much ‘MOVING WELL’ will enrich your life.


Working with Ed has not only been challenging but a great deal of fun, and more than having a trainer, I feel like I have a partner in this process of achieving improved fitness and health. – Dixie Frank


At Precision Fitness…

We know you are the kind of person who wants to move easier, get stronger and just feel better. In order to do that, you need an easy to follow program that will walk you through safe and effective exercises that are specific to what your body needs and what you want to improve.

We believe every one, specifically of you’re over 40 years old, should have the guidance and coaching that it takes to be healthy, fit and live with less pain.

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for you if you’re over 40, an older adult or active Senior who is interested in:

1. Pre – Post Rehab training – After surgery it’s imperative that you not only continue your training but you must also improve and return back to prior levels of function. You don’t want to go through rehab only to lose the ground you gain by not working out. 


2. Corrective Exercise / Functional Training – If you’re dealing with chronic aches and pains, or finding yourself injured because of traditional type of training programs then you need a plan designed specifically for you. You don’t need a cookie cutter program that everyone else is doing. You need something that increases your movement and delivers far better results.


3. Longevity and Health – For those who want to add years to their life and life to their years, our training program here at Precision Fitness is designed to promote health and sustainable movement for a lifetime. It’s an integrated approach that includes movement, nutrition and lifestyle training.

We understand that it’s more of a challenge when you get to a certain age, your metabolism slows down and you have to deal with health issues and/or injuries. That’s why I’ve specialized in helping my clients move well so they can over come injuries, move past chronic aches and pains, and improve their longevity and overall life experience.

And I know my program can help you as well!

All you have to do is fill the form below and we can do a Strategy Call so that we decide the best way to help you.


Ready for the Best in Colorado Springs Personal Training?


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It’s been slow going to work past shoulder, knee and back issues, but I’ve gained strength and mobility, I’ve cut way back on the Advil I needed for pain and I’ve lost weight! – Deb P.


The Precision Fitness Difference

Learn the safest and most effective movements if you’re 40 and beyond.
Discover the habits that lead to rapid and permanent weight loss.
Identify the mindset obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Fun and Friendly coaching – We’re not your typical trainers, we care about you and getting you to your goals by meeting you where you are and guiding you to the next step.

Movement First Training System – Our propriety training system is created after 30 years of experience and is designed to make you move better, feel stronger and look younger.

Family Atmosphere – When you join our community, you’ll be like family. We’ll challenge and support you while also having your back when you need a hand. We’ll laugh as you train and celebrate your success.

You’ll experience the difference from the way your program is designed to the service and motivation offered during your session.

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