Why Precision Fitness is Different

21 April


Why Precision Fitness is different.

We’re not the get fit quick schemes.

There are no, challenges of the month or weight loss competitions.

Fitness isn’t about short-term results at the risk of long-term health.

It takes time, and a willingness to change your lifestyle.

You have to be willing to take an honest look at your life.

Be open to change what you do every day, your habits and routines will likely need to change.

We’re not the extreme fitness program or trending fitness fad.

We don’t use eye-catching names for our programs or try to sell them with over-hyped nonsense.

It doesn’t take HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes; or Cross-Fit.

It doesn’t take superpower yoga or Muscle Confusion or whatever marketing concept they come up with either.

Sure these modalities have their place and time but the biggest changes come from doing the basics over and over again

until they are mastered. (Sports fans does this sound familiar)

It doesn’t take as much as popular belief to make positive changes and be healthy and vibrant.

It takes work and consistency, yes but it doesn’t take the extreme measures you see on social media or the news.

We are “whole-istic” in our approach.

I look at the whole person and what they need to be healthier.

Sometimes it’s more movement or exercises at home, at other times it’s more recovery and relaxation.

Regardless of your goal, it will take better movement and more of it.

But it also takes working with your brain.

Training the brain is training the person in charge of all that you experience and can affect not only fitness, and weight loss but athletic performance as well.

It likely takes some nutritional coaching.

Adjusting for the energy demands you need or tweaking your calorie intake so it works for you and what you desire.

And it takes help with Mindset. 

Coaching you to a more positive approach so that you can sustain the benefit of your training and experience the benefit of your hard work for life.

All of this, is what makes Precision Fitness different.

If you’d like to talk about any of these topics, fill out the questionnaire below and we can schedule a time to discuss what makes us different and if it can be of help to you.

Thank you,

Ed Scaduto

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