Body Weight Training Seminar

04 November

Body Weight Training Seminar

Colorado Springs Precision Fitness

November 10, 2012

9:00 am – 10:30 am



Holiday Survival Guide – Learn by Doing Seminar this Saturday


Prevent The Holiday weight gain by using this cutting edge body weight program designed to burn fat 9x faster than other generic aerobic programs.


  • Learn why a body weight exercise program is perfect for the holidays as well as for recovery.
  • Discover new body weight exercises that will set your metabolism on high.
  • Improve your cardio and muscle endurance with out any equipment.


We’ll be teaching three different levels of each exercise so that you can find the appropriate challenge for you. You’ll also learn how to progress each exercise so that you are always improving.

New exciting body weight exercises, not your regular push-ups, sit ups or jumping jacks.


**Exercises you can do anywhere and anytime.**


Once we find the appropriate level for you, you’re going to complete a whole body, fat burning exercise session in about 20 minutes.


Free for active clients and only $10.00 for non-active clients and guests.


Space is limited, Don’t miss out!


Contact me at or leave a comment below and simply state “I’m in” and we’ll get you registered for the seminar.


Hope to see you there,


Edward Scaduto