The Importance of Building Strength

01 March

Building strength is important for everyone. Especially if your goal is to look and feel better.

But hey, I’m a little biased. I admit it.Dumbbell

There’s a reason I’ve been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for over 10 years. Building strength is the base of every exercise program I create with my personal and small group training clients. It’s because resistance training is both time efficient and extremely effective.

If you’re going to spend your limited time working out or spend your hard earned money on a gym membership don’t you want the best results for your investment?

Of course you do. You want the biggest bang for your buck.

You want resistance training.

Why resistance training?

Resistance training is crucial element to moving better, feeling stronger and looking younger. The outcome of resistance training is bigger, stronger and faster muscles. Those bulging muscles not only help you look great but they also make you feel strong, confident and provide you the ability to function at higher levels, even if it’s only in your daily activities.

Here’s the kicker. Without resistance training, your muscles will atrophy by becoming smaller and weaker. If your training program isn’t focused on building muscle, chances are you’re likely losing it.

And if you are 30 years old or older, you are definitely losing muscle, unless you are training hard to build it. Beginning in our 30’s, muscle mass is slowly lost every decade which decreases our strength, energy and metabolism. That’s the bad news.

The good news, any one can start a resistance training program, no matter the age, the body type, or the experience. It doesn’t matter. With so many different types of resistance training programs and exercises available, you’re bound to find one that fits your current fitness level. And when you do, you’ll not only hold off muscle atrophy as you age, you’ll gain a host of other benefits too.

Here are few of the benefits of resistance training:

• Prevents muscle loss and begins the muscle building process.
• Makes daily activities easier.
• Increases muscle strength.
• Creates greater bone density.
• Improves balance and coordination.
• Builds muscles which will burn more calories, even while resting.
• Increases your metabolism.
• Decreases blood sugar. Muscles use sugar to perform their job. This helps to balance and maintain healthy sugar levels.
• Improves your aerobic capacity.
• Enhances your athletic ability.
• Raises your energy level. The more strength you have the less effort you exert and the more energy you’ll have available.
• Increases protection against falls and fractures.
• Burns more calories after exercise than you would with cardio training.

These are some of the important physical benefits of resistance. As if this wasn’t enough to make you want to go out and lift some iron, there’s more.

Here’s a few non-physical benefits of resistance training:

1. Improved confidence. Resistance training builds strength and muscles. With improved strength gives you the confidence to participate in the activities that mean so much to you.

2. Resilience. Over time resistance training builds resilience by conditioning your body and mind to work hard and push your limits over and over again.

3. Bouncing back after failure. The challenge of lifting a weight you couldn’t imagine lifting a few months ago is real. You learn to give your all without hesitation and you may not succeed. Through resistance training, you learn that even though you’ve failed today you’ll be back to try it again tomorrow. You’ll go back to your training program and within a few months, you’ll manage to succeed where you have previously failed.

So if you’re thinking of starting an exercise program or you don’t feel like your building the athletic, strong body and mind that you want, start a resistance training program today. Place the emphasis where it should be, where you’re going to net the biggest return for your time and effort.

Start building up your strength with resistance training today.

If you have more questions please feel free to give me a call (719) 640-0141 or write me a quick email I’ll be happy to help out in anyway that I can.

Move Well, Live Better

Ed Scaduto

photo credit: RambergMediaImages via photopin cc