Do you make any of these mistakes in your weight loss program?

10 September

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A lot of people start a diet with good intentions. The weight comes off fast the first couple of weeks only to see their progress slow down to a snails pace soon after. Frustration sets in and no matter how hard they try, they give up on the program all together.

Don’t let this happen to you, check out three common weight loss mistakes and discover what you can do to avoid them.


Mistake # 1 – Following a program that’s not designed for you.

A steady diet of grilled chicken, steamed brown rice and broccoli could get you great results but is it the right diet for you?

The answer to that question depends on where you are currently with your dietary habits. Do you eat healthy, natural whole foods on a regular basis? Or do you tend to eat fast or processed food?

Making a change requires a tremendous amount of time and energy and the bigger the change the more it requires.

Do this instead. Start at where you are now and make one small habit change at a time. Allow yourself a full 30 days to accomplish this change. Read this article on the best way to create a new healthy habit.


Mistake # 2 – Focusing on just the weight.

Of course you want results but if you focus strictly on the weight loss you’re not going to be happy, regardless of how many pounds you lose.

There needs to be a shift in your focus. Weight loss by itself is never enough to make a permanent change. It can provide motivation in the short term but for long term success you’re going to need more.

Do this. Instead of being weight loss driven, focus on something bigger. As an example, setting a goal to enter and finish a marathon. This will not only provide you both the short term and long term motivation needed to exercise it will also help you lose the weight.


Mistake # 3 – Trying to be perfect.

Trying to be perfect can put a lot of extra pressure on you, especially when you consider how restrictive diets can be. Even if you can manage to be perfect for a little while, will power can work for only so long before it breaks.

Do this instead. Use the 90/10 rule. Stay true to your nutrition program 90% of the time. There is a small difference in results between being perfect and allowing your self some of the foods you enjoy. The other 10% (usually 2-3 meals per week) eat a small serving of food that isn’t so diet friendly. By using this method you can eat the foods you enjoy and you’re more likely to stick with your program.


If you’re making any of these weight loss mistakes give the suggested action plans a try.  Avoid trying to be perfect, work only on one habit at a time and make sure to set a big goal that will provide you with both short term and long term motivation.


In strength and longevity,

Ed Scaduto


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