Happy Birthday Larry S.

04 August

Larry warming up

On July 27th, Precision Fitness was honored to celebrate Larry’s birthday. Even though it was his special day, instead of slowing down or taking a day off, he came in and really worked like only Larry can, methodically and with a no surrender attitude. Here’s what he did after a thorough warm-up, and all in under 25 minutes.

All exercises performed for 30 seconds with a two minute break between each circuit. Two sets for each circuit.

Circuit One

A1. Dumbbell Step ups 15#’s

A2. Modified Burpee

A3. Dumbbell swings with 20#’s

A4. Modified Burpee

A5. Dumbbell Step ups 15#’s

Circuit Two

B1. Dumbbell Reverse lunges with 15#’s

B2. Pushups

B3. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts with 4#’s

B4. Pushups

B5. Dumbbell Reverse lunges with 15#’s

Circuit Three

C1. Dumbbell Bent alternating Row with 15#’s

C2. Single leg planks

C3. Dumbbell Goblet Squats with 20#’s

C4. Single leg planks

C5. Dumbbell Bent alternating Row with 15#’s


His workout was impressive to say the least.

Great job Larry and Happy Birthday!

(Larry has worked out for several years in order to train at this advance level. His program is not recommended for everyone. If you do have any questions, or would like to take your training program to the next level please give us a call at 719-640-0141)