“I feel like I have a partner in this process of improved health and fitness…”

28 April

Colorado Springs Personal Training

Colorado Springs Personal TrainingI have benefited in so many ways from my training.  Ed takes his role seriously as demonstrated by the time he took to truly listen to my goals and create a plan tailored for me.  In trying to improve my triathlon performance and shed some pounds in the process, he created a nutritional and workout routine to help me get there. 

I know that Ed sincerely cares for his clients–he comes prepared for our workouts with exercises targeted to improving my performance as well as closely watching my movements to ensure I am doing the exercise with correct form in order to get the full benefit of the exercise without injury.  He also does not hesitate to remind me of my goals and hold me accountable when I wonder from the plan!

Working with Ed has not only been challenging but a great deal of fun, and more than having a trainer, I feel like I have a partner in this process of achieving improved fitness and health.