Living And Moving With Purpose

17 March

Photo by Slav Romanov on Unsplash

In order to create change, having a long-term and sustainable source of motivation is essential.

That’s where purpose steps in.

It’s the big-picture idea or concept that helps you set goals and provides that fire you need for consistent action.

Examples of purpose

Your purpose is usually larger in scope and has an overarching effect on other areas of your life.

Where goals tend to focus on a specific detail.

As an example, my purpose may be to help 100, 000 people live healthier lives. A goal may be to start a business that provides a service that guides people to live in a way that supports health and longevity.

Or your purpose may be to enjoy retirement by traveling the world. Your goal may then be to rehab your knee injury so it doesn’t limit your movement or experience.

Your purpose is so important that it often supersedes your goals, given the reason why you have goals in the first place.

Why is it helpful?

Guide post

Your purpose helps you navigate your choices and challenges so you can stay on course.

It’s like a guide post. Helping you make decisions by asking “does this bring me closer to or further from my purpose.”

Think of all the choices you make each day on how you move, sleep, eat, and relate each day.

Did your choices move you closer or further to where you want to be in the future?

Alignment with your Goals

Use your purpose as a guide to help you set and create your goals.

This way each goal not only brings you to your purpose you are also aligned and in coherence with your purpose.

If your purpose and goals are not aligned then you’ll have extra friction when it comes to achieving your goals.


Fuel and motivation

Your purpose is what wakes you up in the morning, ready to go and work on your goals.

Yet anyone who has been on a journey of fitness, health, and personal transformation knows there will be days when you struggle.

Times when it seems impossible to work out or cook another meal.

When you’re in one of these moments, think about your purpose.

It can help you take one small action that moves you forward toward your goals.

Wrapping it up

Your purpose doesn’t have to be something big or extravagant.

It can be as simple as wanting to be healthy and independent as you get older.

As long as it’s important to you, it will powerful.

Use it to help you achieve your goals and to live and move on purpose.

Move Well, Live Better

Ed Scaduto