Personal or Small Group Personal Training, Which One Is Right For You?

27 March

Colorado Springs Personal and Small Group Personal Training

Precision Fitness has two basic types of training services, Personal and Small Group Personal Training. Both options can help you reach your goal of getting stronger and healthier, yet there are some major differences between the two. In both cases, our mission is to provide a training environment where you will flourish with the appropriate amount of exercise and progressive challenges to help you constantly improve.



With our personal training option, you work with your coach on a one to one basis, allowing for the greatest exchange of information and precise exercise progression. Due to the high amount of attention spent on your movement skills and on your eating healthy plan, every aspect of your training is customized to help reach your goals in the most effective and safest way possible. Your coach will assist you in accomplishing the changes you seek while weaving into your program the exercises needed to correct faulty movement patterns, improve mobility, flexibility and stability while increasing muscle tone and optimizing your functional strength.

Who is Personal Training ideal for?

Post Rehab clients do well in the personalized environment due to the need for modification and constant supervision of movements. Both of which are best delivered in a person to person training program.

New to exercise. There is no better time to hire a coach than when you first begin your fitness journey because your movement patterns are being built from the ground up. If your initial exercise technique is faulty it can lead to injury and be much more difficult to correct in the future. It’s estimated that it takes two to three times as long to correct faulty posture or movement pattern than it does learning correct technique from the start.

Improved Performance. If you seek a more focused and intense program, personal training is an excellent fit. If you’re an experienced athlete looking to take your strength or performance to the next level, a personalized program can help you reach your goal. The more you’ve trained the more specific your training needs to be. Though it seems like just doing more of what you are already doing will result in higher levels of fitness or performance that is just not the case. A precise, personalized plan to reach optimal levels of fitness will help you break through to your next personal best.

Functional Fitness and Weight Loss. If you’re looking to create a stronger and healthier version of yourself, then our personal training program is the first step in doing just that. Our individualized, movement-first approach to building fitness programs based on personal goals will help you recover from a nagging injury, lose the extra pounds, or simply be healthy and active enough to enjoy an active lifestyle with your kids or grandchildren.



With our small group personal training option you will work with your coach and a small group of motivated likeminded individuals. This type of training allows for appropriate exercises for your fitness level while making the necessary adjustments and modifications to be successful within the group. The benefit of working with a small group is that each exercise can be quickly and effectively modified, which allows for everyone in the group to flourish regardless of their fitness level, novice to advanced.

Who is group training ideal for?

Tired of training alone in a gym. If you want to be a part of a winning team, our personal group training program is an excellent fit. Get assistance from your coach and support from those around you. At Precision Fitness you’ll never work out alone. Share with others the joy of success or maybe it’s the suffering (kidding) as you meet the fitness challenge, either way you are going to have blast working a long side other group members.

Burned out on the cardio. For those tired of doing the same treadmill routine mile after mile, then it’s time to try our group training program that combines the best of strength training and conditioning for optimal results. Group training will give your cardio program more variety so you don’t have to do the same type of exercise over and over again.

Need motivation. If you feed off the energy of others, then exercising with others with the same mindset may be the ideal environment for you. Motivation is a key component to making fitness work. Group training allows others to encourage you more actively then showing up to the gym and working alone. You need smiles, music and laughs to get the most out of your workout.

Need accountability but not personal training. If you are experienced with training but still need that extra push, our coaches are here to help you move forward. Keeping you on track, helping modify exercises if needed and ensuring you use the right technique to get the most out of each workout is our mission.

Do you have questions about our program? Still not sure which program is right for you?

Schedule a complimentary fitness evaluation at a convenient time for you. We can discuss your goals and current fitness level and together figure out which option will help you in creating the sustained change for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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In strength and health,
Edward Scaduto