The Precision Fitness Approach to Personal and Group Training

30 April

Colorado Springs Personal and Group Training


Many personal and group training programs focus primarily on altering physical appearance. Their programs help you lose weight, improve muscle tone and increase cardiovascular conditioning. This all sounds great. The question is, what price is being paid in order to accomplish these changes?


In big box gyms, the injury rate to new members is staggering. It’s estimated, based on random surveys, that close to 40% of their new members obtain an injury during the first six months of their membership. That leaves a lot of folks in pain and unable to make progress towards their goals.


The “no pain, no gain” philosophy is perhaps out of vogue but it’s still commonly practiced among personal trainers and group fitness instructors. It can be found in boot camps, cross fit gyms and also at home with programs seen on TV.  The problem with the no pain, no gain philosophy is that it leads to over training and greatly increases your chance of injury and once hurt you’re less likely to actually accomplish your goals.


Here’s the deal, you don’t have to hurt in order to improve your fitness levels. You don’t have to suffer from chronic injuries to lose weight. Just like it’s not necessary to spend countless hours doing cardio for the sake of burning calories. You can get stronger, healthier, and leaner by implementing a program that improves your movement and challenges you physically while allowing adequate time to recover. Combine this with eating healthy whole foods and you’ll consistently see improvement while staying injury free and improving your over all health.


Here’s a quick look at our approach to Personal and Group Training.


We have a movement first approach. Starting with your warm up all the way to your recovery, every aspect of training is movement focused. The reason? No matter your personal goal, you’re going to need to move correctly and move often in order to accomplish it. If you add over training to incorrect exercise technique you have the perfect recipe for injury. That’s why our training emphasis is on learning and eventually mastering the movements needed to accomplish your goal. This sets you up for an injury free training program that provides improved health and an increasingly better looking physique.


A good program contains several key components. Planned progression will help take you where you are now to where you want to go. A solid program also improves your weak points so that they no longer limit your ability to perform and get results. Movement assessments help your coach identify your weak points so that a program can be designed to address them. This results in a safer and more effective program customized for you and your needs.


Recovery is crucial to long term success. One can avoid common training injuries by not over training and making sure you have optimal recovery between sessions and with each phase of training. Weaving active recovery like corrective stretching, movement recovery, mobility, yoga, and even Tai Chi into your training can help you become stronger and move better with each passing day.


Less machines means more function and better results. Machines provide support and stability and therefore a false sense of strength. Unfortunately, if done too long your body becomes imbalanced as the extremities strengthened by machines surpasses the strength of your core. This imbalance leads to injuries related to your spine, shoulder blades and hips as they try to keep up with strong arms and legs. By working with body weight, dumbbells, barbells, club bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc. we improve the function of your core and your stability while increasing your over all body awareness, coordination and function. This not only leaves you feeling like you had a great work out, you also begin to create a smarter body that is more resilient to injury.


Our approach to nutrition is a simple one. Return to eating healthy, whole real foods. Diets are not the answer and making long term habit changes are the focus. We’ll guide you to make the small changes that will add up to the big changes in how you look, feel and perform.


Our training programs are designed to improve your movement patterns, fortify your physical and mental strength, and increase your body’s ability to recover. Train just long enough to create a positive response but short enough to allow adequate recovery. This provides a long term, intelligent and healthy approach to fitness that allows you to fully express your physical ability.


It’s not an easy road and it takes a lot of work but with dedication and consistent effort you’ll transform the way you look, move and feel.


If you have any questions on our personal or group training programs or would like to schedule a complimentary fitness evaluation, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at (719) 640-0141 or


In Strength and Longevity,

Edward Scaduto