Training the Mind – “I’m too old for this.”

23 February

I’m sure you‘re aware of just how important our mindset is.

It can either expand or limit our beliefs and actions.

As an example, If you have a fixed mindset (the belief that if you’re not good at something you never will be) then you’re likely to pass up a on something that may be challenging to you at first.

On the contrary, if you have a growth mindset you’re more likely to struggle with the challenge until you get better. This mindset will have you expanding and enriching your life experience over time.

One of the biggest mindsets that I find myself struggling with recently and I know it can limit my actions is “I’m getting too old for this”.

Thinking this and even saying this once and a while kind of makes sense.

As I get older it’s easier to get sore, takes a little longer to recover, injuries (both major and minor) creep up and sometimes I’m just flat out of energy and need to rest.

That’s all part of the territory and it’s expected to a certain degree. But that doesn’t mean I have to give up on the things I enjoy or want to pursue.

I just have to be more tactical. Use shorter training sessions, pay more attention to recovery and listen to my body. This way I’ll continue my journey, I just take little detours here and there depending on how I’m feeling.

If I buy into the “I’m too old” mindset I’ll start to limit my experiences. I’ll avoid trying new things and I’ll likely give up on the things I can still do.

I’ll basically make it worse than it really is.

So I’ve worked on shifting my mindset from “I’m too old” to “I welcome the challenge.”

I know things will be more difficult as I get older. It’s going to take longer to prepare and recover and I may not be my best all the time. 

But I won’t give up, I’ll show up and face the challenge.

That is best done by letting go of the comparison of how I was when I was younger or the expectations I have for the future. I’ll be open to what is happening in that moment and have no expectation of myself other than to try my best.

It’s this small but important shift that helps me continue doing what I love.

Do you have any mindsets that limit your fitness or health?

Anything that you may need to shift?


Keep Moving,

Ed Scaduto