5 Reasons to have a Movement First Mindset

18 September

Many mornings I wake up and my body and mind scream “No! go back to sleep.”

But the first thing I do (after having a cup of coffee) is start moving.

It’s very slow at first.

I usually start with the foam roller and then do corrective exercises for the core areas.

Then I’ll move on to the brain-based exercises with visual and vestibular drills.

This slowly builds into more challenging exercises that I want to focus on for that day.

How did I go from wanting to go back to sleep to getting up and spending my morning moving?

That’s where the Movement First mindset comes in.


It started out as a Paradigm shift.

I needed something more than just exercise to burn calories, or strength training for muscles.

A greater reason to get moving, especially during the mornings when it was difficult to find motivation.

Movement First provided a quick focal point and a reminder of what was most important to my health, fitness, and well-being.

Here’s how it worked for me.



1. Takes the pressure off of having to do an exercise program –

With MOVEMENT FIRST in mind, it removes all the pressure and willpower needed to work out.
I didn’t have to do an exercise program, I just had to move.
I know I’ll slowly improve if I am consistent even if I do just a little every day.

2. Wakes your mind and warms your body –

When we wake, our body needs time to get blood flowing back to our extremities.
The nerves need time to ramp up the signals to the working muscles.
It’s also the perfect time to check your range of motion, to clear any possible areas that may be problematic.
This way you’re prepared for whatever comes your way for the day.

3. Sets the tone for the day –

Movement is where it all starts.
it’s the best way to get you in the right mindset so that you can show up for yourself and others in a way that helps you get things done.
Plus, you start every day with a big WIN.
That in itself makes you feel more accomplished and in a better mindset to take on the rest of the day.

4. Motivation and Consistency –

You’ll need a phrase or mantra to help you at those times when you’re not feeling motivated.
I literally tell myself “Movement First” as a reminder that my mind and body will need movement today to function at an optimal level.
This choice determines how I feel and perform the rest of the day.

5. Movement before fitness and performance –

Before you can be strong, flexible, athletic, or have endurance you must move well.
In fact, anything you’re working on to achieve or obtain you must move well first.
This is because you’ll have to move often (sometimes very often) and if you don’t move well, you’ll get hurt.
Moving well is the priority when it comes to your success.


Your body, brain, and nervous system need stimulation from movement to function well.

It needs to work on breathing, moving joints, and contracting muscles.

Your ability to think, create, pursue, and participate in life depends on how often and how well you move.

If you can adopt a Movement First approach you’ll benefit from being more consistent and you’ll be closer to optimizing how you perform each and every day.


Get moving early in the day.

Schedule 15 minutes in the morning to work on movement. It doesn’t have to be an exercise program. It can be mobility or stretching. Maybe you want to dance or do some yoga.

Whatever it is you decide to do, go for it and enjoy the benefits of Movement First mindset.


Move Well, Live Better

Edward Scaduto