Looking To Hire A Personal Trainer In Colorado Springs?

26 May

Are you in the market for a Colorado Springs Personal Trainer? Here is a list of six qualifications you should look for when hiring a Personal trainer.

1. Education – Your Colorado Springs Personal Trainer should have a solid education in Biology, the Exercises Sciences or related field. Knowing your trainer has invested an immense amount of time and money into becoming a fitness professional gives you the peace of mind of knowing your trainer has the basic understanding of how the body works and moves to improve overall health.

2. Certifications – Ask your Colorado Springs Personal Trainer for a list of any current certifications completed. A certification from NASM, NSCA, or ACSM is good start. These are three of the top certification programs in the fitness industry. A good certification provides more of the hands-on knowledge a trainer requires to provide an effective exercise program. A personal trainer who holds more than one certification has a wider range of knowledge and experience thereby providing more personalized routines, exercises, etc.

3. Role Model – Your Colorado Springs Personal Trainer should also be a role model. This simply means a trainer should look like they exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean he or she should look like a runway model but they should provide you motivation and inspiration to accomplish more. It would be difficult to accomplish your goals if they do not model the aspects being taught or if they do not take care of themselves.

4. Experience – Your Colorado Springs Personal Trainer should have several years of experience of working with clients in a fitness setting. This is the time where they develop the “in the trenches” techniques and methods that can’t be learned anywhere else. Learning certain mannerisms, how to wear different hats depending upon client’s personalities, and the difference between effective and ineffective techniques is crucial to client success. These are aspects of training that can’t be learned in a textbook. Look for a trainer with at least two to three years of experience.

5. Coaching – You need a trainer who does more than count reps and gives you pep talks. You need a Colorado Springs personal trainer who is also a good coach. A coach should meet you where you currently are and inspire you to move forward to meet all your fitness goals. Coaches are there to help provide the education and accountability you need to consistently improve. They personalize your exercise and nutrition strategy working with your current level of fitness and not theirs. They also know when it’s the right time to push you to do more or when it’s time to back down and provide words of encouragement. Ultimately a coach knows how to push you past your current levels of fitness so that you can accomplish more than you thought possible.

6. Success – This is the most important part in hiring a good Colorado Springs personal trainer.  Ask you trainer for a list of their success stories. If they use a good system, they will be able to duplicate successful results with many if not all of their clients. A great personal trainer has the education, experience and coaching ability to take any client to the next level. It’s more than just about counting reps and putting together a random series of exercises. It’s really all about getting results over and over again and your trainer should have the evidence to prove it.

The above list is not all inclusive but it provides six basic qualifications that you should look for when hiring a personal trainer in Colorado Springs. If you have any other questions or would like to speak to a trainer that has all of the above qualifications then give Precision Fitness a call. We have Colorado Springs best personal trainers.

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Edward Scaduto

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