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“Colorado Springs Sisters Both Lose 30 pounds Each…”

10 May

Sofie and Monica before

We are sisters and the very best of friends. We do everything together. We even each have 2 kids the same ages in pairs, 1 boy and 1 girl each.

We used food as a social thing. Always thinking of what “fun” thing we could eat while watching movies or soaps. We were members of another gym and went at least 4 times a week with no results. I guess we were just going through the motions.

That all changed when we decided to work with a personal trainer and started working out with Ed Scaduto (Precision Fitness).


Monica and Sofie after

We both have so much more energy and we have both lost 30 lbs each so far and feel great. Now instead of rewarding ourselves with food, we go out and buy a cute outfit several sizes smaller than before. This is a total lifestyle change for us. We will never go back to the way we used to be.

Thank You Ed!

Sofie & Monica

I have dropped sizes in my clothing…

09 May

Molly April 2008

I joined the gym after realizing that stress was taking a toll on me mentally and physically.  I knew from previous experience that I needed a trainer to help me get the motivation to make this a lifestyle change as well as learn how to become stronger so I wasn’t prone to injuries.

When I began working with Ed, my goal was to increase my activity and reduce my percentage of body fat.  I have learned so much information, not to mention a plethora of strength training routines from having a trainer. Any previous trainers I had in the past would just take you through the routine and that was it. I was pleasantly surprised when I started working with Ed and it wasn’t just about what I was doing in the gym; that was only part it.

The other piece was I had to change my diet/nutrition; otherwise the exercise would only do so much. For me its been so helpful to have a trainer who took the time to find out my goals, challenge me and has been great about working with me on whatever ailments I might be dealing with.

Molly July 2008

Previously, anytime I wouldn’t feel matter how minor it was, I would stop working out. But I have learned how to adjust routines etc so that I continue w/ my training despite what is going on. Its’ definitely helped me get towards my goal of more activity and reduction of body fat percentage.

After losing 20 or so pounds I feel like I have a way to reduce my stress. I have better confidence about utilizing equipment and I have dropped sizes in clothing.  I still have a ways to go, but knowing I have the tools and resources like Ed to help me when I need it is half the battle. I’ve been working with Ed on and off for over 2 years now and well worth every penny spent. I’ve recommended him to friends whom also enjoyed Eds’ training style, if you are in the market for a trainer, hire Ed!

Personal Training In Colorado Springs Has A New Name

26 April

Cotton Wood Creek Recreational Center

Personal Training in Colorado Springs has a new name – Precision Fitness.

Precision Fitness owner Edward Scaduto has been a personal trainer in Colorado Springs for over ten years and has helped hundreds of Colorado Springs residents improve their fitness, burn unwanted body fat and build lean, sexy, athletic muscles.

Edward Scaduto wants you to experience the best personal training that Colorado Springs has to offer. Discover the complete system that provides personalized nutritional coaching with ground breaking fitness training. An integrated approach that has his clients achieving drastic results in minimal time.

Precision Fitness shares the fitness center at CottonWood Creek Recreational Center. This facility provides his clients and other members a safe and comfortable place to work out and get in shape. The center contains all the equipment you would find at bigger gyms in Colorado Springs including cardio machines, free weights, cables, full line of strength training machines, medicine and stability balls.

Edward knows how important it is to feel comfortable in your own body, to have the confidence to wear summer attire, and to experience optimal levels of health and happiness. That’s why at Precision Fitness you not only get great nutritional coaching with world class fitness training, you also get inspiration, experience and dedication to support you through your journey.

Personal training in Colorado Springs is more than just a job to Edward Scaduto and his team at Precision Fitness. It is their mission and purpose to meet all clients at their level of fitness. This means that you work out at a level that you can perform safely and effectively. Your trainer is their to provide motivation and support and help you improve and progress your program when you are ready.  It’s  the right amount at the right time that is the key to consistent progress and happy clients.

By providing this  type of effective and supportive exercise coaching clients are more comfortable and able to make the changes they need to have a positive impact on their life. It’s through the small changes in daily habits that really helps them accomplish so much more and keep the results for the rest of their life.

So if you are ready to make some positive changes to your life style, if you are ready for more energy and vitality, ready to look great no matter what you are wearing, then contact Precision Fitness.

It’s what personal training in Colorado Springs is all about.

What Is Your Favorite Post-Workout Meal?

27 March

We all know it’s best to have a healthy snack after working out. Studies have shown that eating a small meal of protein and healthy carbs helps increase the benefits of your workout and speeds up the fat loss process.

So what’s your favorite post workout meal?

Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite healthy after-workout snack.